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I am A. Ray McCoy, and I am the lawyer you need when you are ready to give serious consideration to the intimate details of estate planning. At the heart of my approach is a detailed and intimate conversation with you. My commitment is to spend time understanding you, your family and your goals, concerns and challenges.

At McCoy Legal Services in St. Paul, Minnesota, my commitment includes helping you understand not just what tools make sense for you, but why. What is the difference between a will and a trust, and how do I choose? What is the importance of a health care directive, power of attorney and beneficiary designations given my goals? The more time we spend talking and sharing information, the more likely it is that you will be empowered in this process and that you will be capable of explaining your decisions to family and others who will play a role in making your estate plan work.

Educating you and making it possible for you to feel secure in the choices you make in this process is the outcome we all need when we engage an attorney to assist us with estate planning.

Estate Administration, Probate And More

What is probate? In addition to creating an estate plan, you may require assistance with administering the estate of a loved one and navigating probate. You likely have questions that include:

  • Do I need to go through a probate process?
  • Which form of probate do I need to request from the court?
  • How will the decedent's debts to addressed in probate?
  • Can real property be sold to cover debts, taxes and other cost associated with probate?

I can educate you about that process as well. Need assistance with administering a trust in the wake of the death of the trustor or creator of that trust? What are your responsibilities and obligations as successor trustee to the deceased trust maker and those named in the trust as beneficiaries and potential beneficiaries?

I can help and simplify what may feel like an overwhelming process given your loss.

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McCoy Legal Services is also committed to providing every potential client with a free consultation. My goal is to have you decide whether you are comfortable with me. I want you to make that determination without concern for cost. That is why the initial consultation is free to you.

That consultation is not limited to one hour. That first meeting is simply designed to allow us to spend sufficient time with one another for you to make a determination as to whether we can work together. I am confident that the consultation will serve to educate you about your options and clarify the issues you will need to address your concerns.

Schedule an initial consultation today by calling 651-262-3019 or sending an email. I serve clients primarily in the Twin Cities metro area but also work regularly with clients in Bemidji, Grand Rapids, Moorhead, Fergus Falls, St. Cloud, Rochester and other cities throughout the Minnesota.

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